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Breastfeeding in the first hours of life

This wonderful video shows how to latch baby in the first hour after birth. When left alone, all babies are born with the innate reflex to move to and attach to the breast.

How to Latch a Newborn

Another video by Global Health Media showing how to latch a newborn.

Hand Expression

Hand expression is a skill every mother should know how to do. It's a low tech way of getting milk to baby, both in the first hours of life and throughout infancy.

Using a Nipple Shield

Nipple shields are a small piece of silicon that fit over the top of the nipple to help protect a nipple from damage. They are a tool that can be used for as short or as long as needed. Some moms use them temporarily to help heal the nipple. Other moms use them while waiting to get their baby's tongue tie clipped. They can also be used to help pull out a flat or inverted nipple.


There are a variety of pumps on the market. From low tech manual pumps to high suction hospital grade pumps, the kind of pump you buy will depend on if you're a casual or daily pumper. Navigate through various pumps that can be purchased on the market today.

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