Best Bottle for the Breastfed Baby

Picking a bottle can be tricky. DON’T FALL FOR THE MARKETING. So many bottles claim to be most likely the breast. In reality, look for a round nipple that gradually tapers from tip to base. Bottles that go from nipple to wide base sharply or that have pinched, flat, or misshaped nipple tips promote a shallow latch and bad tongue posture. If your nipple came out looking like that we’d have to do some serious wound care. Look for a flow that matches your breast milk flow. Babies that gulp at the breast and feed in 5-10 minutes are fine on a faster flow. Babies that take their time at the breast and newborns should use the slowest flow possible to help go back and forth from breast to bottle.

Great bottles: Dr Browns (wide and narrow neck), Evenflo Balance Standard bottle, Lansinoh, Pigeon SS

Ok bottles if you can get a really deep latch: Como Tomo and Tommee Tippee. These still tend to get pockets of air and babies tend to latch just to the nipple or colapse them. Be cautious when using these and make sure to get a good, deep latch every time

Bottles that promote a shallow latch or incorrect tongue placement or oral motor pattern: Minbie, Nuk, Mam. These nipples are pinched, flat, or misshaped. If your nipple came out looking like that you would have pain and damage. If these are the only bottles your baby will latch to, that’s fine, but be cautious when trying to go back to breast as these bottles don’t promote good latch or use of the tongue. Some do just fine, but for many it can cause damage at the breast.

Work with an IBCLC or pediatric feeding therapist if your baby is struggling with feeding from either breast or bottle.