Why I will answer some lactation questions and not others

Why I’ll answer some lactation questions and not others via social media.
Breastfeeding is well studied and the field of lactation has developed standards of care. There is best practice in lactation, and then there is personalization. Example: Most breastfed babies take a full feeding in 20-30 minutes (10-15 minutes on each side). Some need only 5 minutes. Others take 60. There is the majority of what is considered “average” or “typical”, but in reality there is still a wide range of “normal". There are topics in lactation that are universal for all people: offer one breast first. If baby is still hungry, offer the second breast. Breastfeeding should not be painful. Positioning is key for a deep latch. These are the kinds of answers I will freely dole out on social media all day long. They apply to every breastfeeding journey.

Some answers need to be individualized and often more information is needed before I can give you the correct answer. In order to give the in-depth answer, I need a signed medical consent, just like at your doctor’s office. This protects the privacy of your information and lets me reach out to other health care providers, like your pediatrician, should the need arise. I need a full medical and birth history as these can change my recommendation. For instance, the biggest questions I get are about low milk supply. The blanket answer I can give over social media is best practice: empty the breasts frequently at least every 2-3 hours day and night with either your baby or a high quality pump. Why can’t I give advice beyond that? If you have an allergy, a thyroid condition, a hormonal issue, recommending herbs or supplements could decrease your supply, cause an allergic reaction, or have an unwanted interaction with your medications. You could be taking a medication or using a birth control method that is causing the low milk supply and nothing I suggest would fix the supply issue until the medication or birth control is stopped. Your baby could have a tongue tie, you could be pumping with the wrong sized flange, your baby could have an immature suck, you could just be positioning your baby wrong, that nipple shield could be interfering with your sensitivity to baby’s suck, or SO MANY OTHER REASONS. I can’t give you the correct plan of care without having specific questions answered. And I can’t do that without spending some quality time with you.

You deserve the best possible answer and the correct information. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding and need some help, there is help available!!! If you have a general question, hit me up all day any day! If you need more than a generic answer, put yourself first and book an appointment with me for some specific attention and TLC.