Prenatal Classes

Whether you prefer to learn in a group or in a personalized session, this class covers topics such as anatomy of the breast, the first latch, nursing positions, making breast milk, what to expect during breastfeeding, latching techniques, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, sore nipples, optimizing milk production, choosing a pump, what to do when things go wrong, engorgement, and milk storage. Classes are approximately 2 hours and include hands on practice with newborn sized baby dolls.

  • Community classes will be held online through Gracefull Birthing. Click on the link for upcoming classes and to sign up. This online class is interactive and I am present during the class to answer all of your individual questions. $50
  • Private, individualized online classes are also available. The class is the same material as the community class, however it is scheduled at your convenience. We also talk about additional topics such as pumps and transitioning back to work. We will go over the settings on your particular pump and make sure you have the correct sizes needed for efficient pumping. $125. Click here to schedule.
  • I do provide a superbill for private prenatal breastfeeding classes as some insurance companies will cover the class as preventive lactation services. Check with your policy to see if you qualify.

Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding consultations include a brief medical history and hearing your birth story, an oral evaluation of the baby, observation of a feeding, and suggestions based on these assessments.  Discussions with you will include your breastfeeding experience to date, goals for breastfeeding, and any other questions and concerns you may have. Consultations are not limited on time, but are typically an hour and a half to two hours.

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus, all in person consultations are currently on hold. Phone and virtual video consultations are easily and readily available to help you through all of your breastfeeding needs and I have helped many moms virtually for quality care. I do provide a super bill for our consultations which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Phone consultations are not limited to geographic location and a perfect way to have all your fears and concerns related to breast or infant feeding relieved. I have consulted with moms all over the US and even in foreign countries. Phone consultations are wonderful for topics such as increasing supply, pumping, going back to work, working through plugged ducts or infections, drop in supply during periods, and general questions related to supply, infant development, infant sleep and breastfeeding, or any other topics you have questions about. $50/hour

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Video/Virtual consultations are available for any stage in your breastfeeding journey. Whether you're a first time mom struggling with position and latch or a veteran mom experiencing new concerns with your latest addition, a virtual consultation will help you get on track to reaching your breastfeeding goals. A virtual consult still includes a full medical history and birth story and an observation of a feeding. I will guide you through position and latch. Having a second person available to help hold the phone or using a laptop for hands free is very helpful. We will create a feeding plan together to help you reach your goals. Virtual consultations available through FaceTime, Skype or Zoom*. $125

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Payment options include Credit Card (through Acuity), PayPal, Venmo, Zelle through Chase Bank.

*FaceTime and Skype while easily accessible are not HIPAA compliant. Zoom is a safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant method for virtual consultation.



Initial visits in the office are $200 and in home are $250, which includes several follow up phone calls and texts to make sure the breastfeeding plan is going well. I can provide a super bill upon request which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Follow up visits in the office are $100 or in home are $150 and a super bill can also be provided for insurance reimbursement.

I am willing to travel any where in Los Angeles county and can typically schedule your appointment either same day or within 48 hours of your call. If travel to your home is further than 5 miles from my home, there will be an additional surcharge for travel which we can discuss before your appointment.



Baby Feeding Support Group

Whether you're exclusively breastfeeding or exclusively pumping, come find community with other mamas while feeding your baby. Every Tuesday from 10-11:30am join us virtually on Instagram @lalactation or on Zoom. This group is currently FREE! If you are able to join us via Zoom, your individual breastfeeding question will be answered. This is a safe space to ask any and all questions related to baby feeding and general infant care and hear the experiences of others. Each week everyone in attendance is able to ask their one burning question of the week. Follow me on Instagram @lalactation for details or visit Gracefull's Class List to sign up for the zoom events to have your individual questions answered.


*If you are having active breastfeeding problems a private consultation is recommended. If your question involves more than a few minute answer, a private consultation will be recommended to give you the personalized, quality heath care plan to work on your personal breastfeeding goals.

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Beyond the Breast

Does your baby need help transitioning to a bottle because you're going back to work or need a feeding break? Curious on when and how to introduce solids? Have a picky eater? I can help answer any concerns related to infant and toddler feeding. Babies eat differently at the breast than on a bottle, and solids are a different experience than liquids. I will help you and your little one navigate the wonderful world of food! The initial consult is $200 in your home or my office. There is a surcharge for travel if you live beyond a 5 mile radius from my practice which we can discuss when we make your appointment. If you were already seen for a consultation before, this is considered a follow up and the cost is $150 in the home or office. Phone consultations are $50.

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