Equipping families with the tools they need to feel confident in feeding their babies at all stages of development. You deserve quality, evidence based guidance to provide you with the skills you need to ensure the best possible feeding experience for you and your little one.


To provide loving, individualized care to parents and babies as they navigate the path to healthy nutrition and feeding in the early years.

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Each family has a unique world view on feeding and eating. There is no other aspect of life that is as emotional, physical, social, and some times spiritualĀ as feeding. Family goals and preferences are supported with a nonjudgmental approach.

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Lactation Consultation in Los Angeles, California

People often tell first time parents that breast/chest feeding should come naturally and easily, but honestly, breast/chest feeding is a learned skill! Some times nature needs nurtured.

From the first latch to transitioning to solid foods, let me help support you and your little one in your feeding journey. As a speech therapist, I also have advanced training in identifying tongue and lip tie and helping families get the resources they need to help their baby. Home and office visits available! Not in Los Angeles? No problem! I also am available for virtual and phone consultations which are not limited by geography!

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Photo Credit Jermaine Love
Photo Credit Jermaine Love