Benefits of skin to skin contact for newborns


Babies are needy. The need to be on your body and all of their instincts and reflexes are designed to get them there. Their neurological system is immature at birth and still needs to develop.  Being on your body:

 🧠 Accelerates Brain Development:

Holding baby on your body increases the development of essential neural pathways, which accelerates brain maturation

🌞Calms, Soothes & Reduces Stress:

Having your baby on your body soothes baby so much that babies’ cortisol levels (stress hormone) are measurably lowered after only 20 minutes of being held skin to skin. And, remarkably, their pain is reduced when held skin to skin

😴 Improves Quality of Sleep:

Development of mature brain function in infants depends on the quality of their sleep cycling. During skin to skin, most infants fall asleep easily, and achieve what is called “Quiet Sleep”, a natural deep sleep for 60 minutes or more

💉Enhances Immune System:

Baby’s immune system is stimulated when placed skin to skin. Your mature immune system passes antibodies through your skin to baby. Being on your skin also increases baby’s skin hydration, which provides a protective barrier from harmful bacteria entering baby’s skin

⚖️Stimulates Digestion & Weight Gain:

Skin to skin contact reduces cortisol and somatostatin in babies, allowing for better absorption and digestion of nutrients, while decreasing gastrointestinal problems. With a reduction of these hormones, baby’s bodies preserve brown fat (the healthy fat babies are born with), helping to maintain birth weight and keep a warm body temperature. As a result, baby’s body does not have to burn its own fat stores to stay warm, resulting in better weight gain. After just one hour of skin to skin, the infant’s digestive system is restored to the right balance for optimal GI function

When I’m your body, baby’s body learns to self-regulate, resulting in a regular and stable heartbeat and breathing pattern

❤️ Synchronizes Heart Rate + Breathing: