Herbs and supplements while breastfeeding

Herbs. Supplements. Boobie boosting bars and milk making teas. There’s a lot of products on the market now to help increase your milk supply. Vitamin C is great for preventing a cold, but too much can give you diarrhea. Iron is amazing for keeping you from going anemic and feeling weak, but too much makes you constipated. Fenugreek is known to help boost milk supply, but if you’re on thyroid medication, are hypoglycemic, or have a peanut allergy you shouldn’t take it. Every person is different in how they respond to herbs and even foods. I’m not opposed to lactation supportive products. But if you’re going to buy any of those products guaranteed to help you pump gallons of milk a day, here’s my best advice:
💡Do your research. Know what’s in it and any possible side effects
💊If you’re taking any prescription medications ask a pharmacist about drug/herb interactions.
💉Start with the smallest dose possible and gradually increase the amount you’re taking
🧪Don’t add in 10 different supplements at once. If you have a bad reaction you won’t know which one is from. Start with one at a time.
🩺Try them at home and first thing in the morning, on a weekday before you go back to work if possible. You wouldn’t want to have a bad reaction at work or when the doctors office or pharmacy are likely to be closed.
🧫We all can have different reactions and side effects to herbs and supplements. Some women find that taking fenugreek has the opposite effect and drops milk supply. Some women may notice an increase in gassiness in baby with certain herbs. If you notice any weird side effects, stop taking the supplement.
🤱🏽There is no replacement for frequently removing milk from the breast. The best way to make milk is to frequently feed your or pump your milk from your breasts
🔑If you’re struggling with low supply, schedule an appointment with an IBCLC to help get to the real root of the supply issue and form a plan to get back on track.
🗓If you take something for 3 days and don’t see a milk increase, most likely the herb isn’t effective for you. If you see a decrease within 3 days, stop taking it.

Some of my favorite places for herbs while breastfeeding:

https://mountainroseherbs.com The best place for raw herbs

https://wearerasa.com Amazing adaptogenic coffee alternatives

https://milksta.com The best taste ever. I love these products

https://www.motherlove.com Great herbal supplements specifically for lactation

https://www.legendairymilk.com Quality lactation supplements.