Mastitis may be caused by your posture

Did you know mastitis may be related to your posture?!?

Fluid dynamics is the science of how fluids are supposed to move in our bodies. All of the fluids in our bodies are supposed to be free-flowing and unobstructed for optimal health. Milk is a fluid that flows through ever narrowing ducts and pores. Lymph is a fluid throughout your body (and breasts) that helps transport waste from cells and tissues in your body to help flush it from your system. It also helps reabsorb milk that doesn’t get emptied to a pump or baby. Anything that increases resistance of the movement of this fluid can increase the likelihood of getting a plugged duct or mastitis in the breast. Increased resistance can be caused by:
⭐️ Breast implants or history of breast surgery causing scar tissue in the breast
⭐️ Sleeping in the same posture especially on your side where you put pressure on the breast for extended periods of time at night
⭐️ Tight fitting clothing or bras that constrict movement of milk and lymph between feedings
⭐️ Shoulder injuries from sports where there is inflammation or scar tissue
⭐️ Neck injuries or issues with neck mobility
Tension in your body
⭐️ Not moving the body enough/sitting for prolonged periods of time in the same position
⭐️ Increased overall inflammation in the body such as from infection or excessive fluids from IVs used during labor and delivery
⭐️ Having very large, heavy breasts which act more like an appendage where milk and fluid can fill the lower quadrant of the breast and have difficulties moving out again

What can you do?
❤️ Shake your breasts!! Get that fluid moving by massaging and shaking the breasts.
❤️ Lean over and dangle your breasts to reduce pressure on them and help them free flow
❤️ Practicing yoga can actually work as well, especially as you do poses like downward dog where you’re changing the orientation of the fluid in your breast related to gravity.
❤️ Avoid restrictive clothing and bras
❤️ Get a massage!! Having hands on the body helps get the fluid inside moving in the right direction
❤️ See my video for lymphatic drainage massage