Weaning from the bottle

When we know better, we do better. In my generation, pediatricians generally recommended weaning babies from their bottles by two years of age. Today professional organizations recommend weaning 100% off the bottle by no later than 14 months unless there is a medical reason to continue the bottle. Many of my feeding specialist colleagues recommend bottle weaning by 12 months.

Reasons to wean the bottle around a year:
Contributes to tooth decay
⭐️ May impact speech and feeding skills with prolonged use
⭐️ May contribute to how the face, teeth, palate and other oral structures are formed (or misformed)
⭐️ Prolongs an immature suck pattern in the mouth beyond when developmentally appropriate

This does not mean you need to wean from the breast at one. The muscles and way the muscles are used with breast vs bottle are completely different.
In fact:
⭐️ Breastfeeding promotes good formation of the face, palate and teeth
⭐️ Does not increase the risk of dental decay
⭐️ Introduces baby to a wide variety of flavors which makes them more prone to trying those same foods in their solid forms