Why does my breast milk look like that?

Sisters, not twins. This milk is from the same pump session. Each breast made different colored milk!!! Did you know your breasts work together and independently? Here’s some fun facts about your girls:
⭐️70% of us make more milk on the right side, often significantly more (up to double for some!!)
⭐️Each breast can have its own flow rate. Some babies prefer the flow from one side over the other
⭐️ Breasts and nipples are not symmetrical. The left is usually slightly larger than the right. Nipples can be different sizes and lengths. For a significant size difference, you may need to pump with different sized flanges
⭐️Milk during the same feeding can taste and be a different color from side to side. The fat content can also be different based on which side baby fed from last. I once had a toddler tell their mom that they preferred milk from one side because it tasted like oatmeal, and the other tasted like tea!!
⭐️When you have a milk let down, your milk will let downs on both sides, which is why many will leak from the opposite breast while feeding. It’s also why we usually recommend pumping both breasts at the same time to take advantage of those let downs.
⭐️ You can successfully breastfeed from only one breast. One side can make enough milk to feed you cold.
⭐️ If you tandem feed and we’re to keep the other child on one side and the younger always on the other, your breasts would make different milk for them based on how often each child feeds.