Why does one breast makes more milk?

We are not symmetrical beings. Even though on the outside we have two eyes, two ears, and two hands, if we were to measure both, one would be slightly larger, rounder, flatter, etc than the other. Breasts are not symmetrical. For some breast differences are hardly noticeable; in others it can be drastic. They usually won’t cause issues with breastfeeding

Milk supply is often higher on one side versus the other. Possible reasons:

  • One breast will physically have more alveoli and ducts than the other. Let downs can trigger differently and each side can have different flow rates and milk volumes. Milk can also taste different from one side even in the same feeding. Our bodies are incredible and mysterious
  • Breast surgery (implants or reductions), scars from nipple piercings, or traumas can alter milk production
  • Nipples can be completely different sizes, shapes, or lengths (inverted/flat) which make it easier for baby to latch to on one side. When it’s easier to latch on one side, we subconsciously start on that side more, increasing supply on that side
  • Some babies have tension in their body from intrauterine positioning or from birth trauma. Baby may feel more comfortable being held on one side or in a certain position so we put them on that side more often. (Tummy time and manual therapy like chiropractic or CST can help)
  • You may have a conscious or unconscious side preference. Handedness can play a role. One side often just feels more comfortable to hold baby on for extended periods of time, often leading us to feed more often on that side which increases supply.

How to balance your boobs:

  • Start feeding on the slacker side more often since baby usually removes more milk from the first breast offered which naturally boosts supply
  • End feedings on the slacker side
  • Pump the slacker side more often. Either for a few minutes after some feedings or occasionally add pumps on just one side between feedings
  • Do nothing!! Celebrate your anatomy and use it to your advantage