Easy Transition

I never had sore nipples, painful engorgement, or many of the other difficulties many mothers experience with their first baby. It is possible to have a positive breastfeeding experience from the beginning!


Painful Thrush

"Julie helped me when me and my baby had horrible thrush. She supported us every step of the way and gave me great tips and advice for bringing my supply back up when it dropped."


First day back to work

"My first day back to work was so traumatic! Julie was literally there for me every step of the way. She gave me tips for how and when to pump, gave me advice for foods and herbs to increase my supply, and encouraged me as I was feeling really sad. Just having her there was so helpful for me to know I was not alone."


Repeat Cesarean Birth

Julie has always been extremely helpful to me ever since having my first baby but especially with my second. My first was half breastfed and half formula so when I was getting ready to have the 2nd baby my goal was to be able to produce enough milk for her to just be breastfed
{Insert Julie here} lol. Knowing that I was about to undergo another c-section and all that that entails, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to make sure that milk supply wasn't being hindered from having surgery this time around. When expressing all of my hopes to Julie she more than prepared me to breastfeed my new baby. Going in I couldn't have been more confident! Even on days when I would stress because I thought my milk supply was going
down she was there to give me tips. I would hands down refer Julie to anyone! She is amazing and extremely educated!


Born Early

My baby was born at 35 weeks and was really sleepy those first couple days. Julie was so patient helping me feed her. She showed me different positions of feeding and how to get my baby to latch so my nipple didn't hurt. It took m baby a while to get it, but I would have gotten discouraged and given up if it weren't for Julie being right there with me.


Milk supply

Julie has been there for me throughout the first few months of breastfeeding my little one. She is not only extraordinarily educated when it comes to breastfeeding your baby, she is also the best person to have on your side for words of encouragement. Julie has recommended a number of different techniques and also some great supplements and teas to help increase supply. When I feel down about how breastfeeding is going, she is there to root me along and support the decisions that are best for our family. I highly recommend contacting a Julie right away!


So Helpful

My consultation with The LA Lactation Lady was SO HELPFUL!

After already breastfeeding my first baby for 2.5 years, I wasn't sure my if it was necessary to have a consultation, but wow! I learned so much and feel even more prepared for baby # 2  due in a few months. Like they say, you don't know what you don't know! She is a wealth of information and a very warm and supportive personality. What a relief to have someone who knows so much about breastfeeding in my corner with me. I'll be recommending her services to all the breastfeeding moms I know.


Tongue Tied

My first son was tongue-tied and because of a delay in diagnosis and treatment, my milk supply never was adequate. So with my second I asked my midwife and pediatrician who they would recommend, and without question they both recommended Julie. I called her when my son was 1 day old, and despite leaving for vacation the next day she came and did a home visit and then supported me via text and calls over the next few days. My 2nd son is now 5 days old, her referrals for the tongue and lip tie correction were spot on, and my milk supply is perfect and he is growing as expected.

Having worked with 3 different lactation consultants in the past with my 1st son I can say Julie is the most phenomenal consultant I've met! She is out of pocket for your visits, but the support you get via phone/text/email is well worth the up front cost. She also does group classes at GraceFull Birth Center on Tuesdays, which are $15 per session and the 1st one is free. I'll be following up with her there!


Immediate appointment

What an amazing experience. Recommended by Gracefull Birthing Center, We called Julie 8 hours after the baby was born. She called me back right away, she came the next afternoon and we avoided dealing with dehydration and supplementing by early learning.

I had some of my own issues which she taught me how to tackle right away and we now already have consistency at day 2 and we are ready for milk to come in now. Beyond the home care visit- which is worth every penny, we now have a conversation open and a plan for our next move. I feel like I have boobie hotline  thank you Julie


Weight Gain Struggle

We were struggling with weight gain in our three week old baby. He plateaued at an 8% loss of birth weight and nothing seemed to produce consistent results. He would gain some weight and lose it again. Our midwife and pediatrician did not see a tongue tie, and we were managing the latch with a nipple shield and supplementing with formula and pumped milk, so it seemed like a lactation consultant would be an extra expense just to hear the same things over again.

We were so wrong! Julie is great not just for her depth of understanding lactation or her breadth of studies including speech pathology, but also for her determination to understand WHY babies and moms are having issues.

Julie was able to go beyond the typical tongue tie, which our baby does not have. She spoke at length with us about everything that could possibly explain the issues. After talking about health histories it became clear that our son was burning through calories too quickly to put on weight. He was growing quickly and exhibiting signs of a high metabolism. Armed with an understanding of WHY we were struggling with weight gain, it became so much easier to manage and our son has regained birth weight and beyond!

Whether you are dealing with typical or atypical struggles in nutrition with your baby, Julie is a great resource. She is thorough, encouraging, and will be a huge asset on your breastfeeding journey.


Such Good Advice

One word to describe Julie: PHENOMENAL.

I'm a new mom and assumed that when I gave birth to my son, I would start producing copious amounts of breast milk on my own.  Pride cometh before the fall: I realized on day two that I was not expressing at all and was at a total loss given that I didn't want to compromise feeding my son the best nutrition he should have in his early years.

I contacted my midwife for help and she recommended Julie. As a practicing nurse and mom Julie not only has practical knowledge that comes from experience, but she has such a great attitude! That's so important because it's really easy to feel down learning how to do this right. Especially with all the schedule changes that come with having a baby.

I called Julie and within one day she drove a significant distance to my home.  Not only did she explain the process to me in a comprehensive manner, but she was in communication with me prior AND afterword to provide both encouragement, and make sure that I had any concerns addressed. She's kind, thoughtful, and truly an expert in her field.