Breastfeeding facts

Do you some time feel like baby is constantly feeding? As long as breastfeeding is pain free, baby is making 6+ wet and consistent poops and gaining weight over time, everything is going as it should!! The more baby removes milk from the breast, the higher your supply actually is!!
Myth: If baby wants to feed more frequently than normal, and is super fussy, it means I don’t have enough milk or my milk is drying up.
Fact: babies want to be at the breast for all kinds of reasons: hunger, thirst, boredom, comfort, pain relief, for sickness/feeling unwell, when they’re grumpy, soothing, sleep, because they’re a baby. Babies are constantly going through growth spurts and requires more food. By the time they go through multiple growth spurts it’s time to teethe. By feeding more frequently they are meeting their caloric needs while helping you increase your supply while being comforted and getting some sleep. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, sleep, hydration and food to meet this increased demand.