Breastfeeding is a medical and Heath issue. It should be treated as such

Breastfeeding issues are medical problems. I wish health care providers would understand this. When a parent wants to breast/chestfeed, but is running into challenges, those challenges need to be taken seriously, just as if they were complaining about any other health or medical issue.

Feeding your baby from your body should not be painful. Our bodies are designed to feed our babies, so when there is pain there is always a reason. Pain tells us that something needs fixed. It may be as simple as the position and latch or as complex as a tongue tie. At no point should healthcare providers accept tissue damage as normal. If they are telling you it’s fine and part of the process, please get a second opinion.

When everything is going well, our bodies are designed to provide plenty of milk for our babies. If you are not making enough milk for your baby while seemingly doing all the right things, we should find the root (IGT? Wrong pump flange? Not pumping enough? Medications? Hemorrhage at birth?).

Baby unable to latch? Popping on and off? Babies are born to feed. All of their reflexes and instincts are designed to get them to latch and feed. If baby is struggling at the breast, there is always a reason. Rarely will we not find the root if we dig deep and long enough.

When there is pain, damage, low milk supply or a non-latching baby, interventions are often needed. These are medical interventions that should be overseen by an IBCLC who has lactation specific training to make sure the correct tool for the correct cause of the issue is being used. And getting the best, most accurate information for that individual family. If a family chooses not to breastfeed because of these issues, that is their choice and should be supported to the fullest. If your health care providers are not taking your concerns seriously, find another health care provider