Can I drink coffee while breastfeeding?

It is safe to drink coffee while breastfeeding
☕️Research says it’s safe to drink approximately 300-500mg of caffeine a day as only about 1% of caffeine reaches your breast milk. ♨️Not all coffee is created equally. That Folgers your grandparents used to make at home has about 150mg in an 8oz cup. But that exact same size from Starbucks has 250mg! A 16oz cup from Starbucks has 500mg which is the max daily recommended amount!

👼🏼Younger babies (under six months), preterm and medically challenged babies process caffeine slower in their bloodstream and they may be much more sensitive to it. If you consistently drank coffee during pregnancy you baby is already used to caffeine.

🔬It takes 15-20 minutes for coffee to hit your bloodstream and is usually completely gone by 4-7 hours. So if you’re concerned or having it for the first time after birth, either breastfeed your baby first and then have your cup of coffee or have your coffee while breastfeeding.

😿😾🙀Watch for signs of irritability, extra fussiness and inability to sleep in your baby when drinking coffee and consider cutting back if you see them. So what feels right for your body by being in tune with your body and your limits. What is right for you may not be the same as another mother.