Exclusively pumping is like having unexpected twins

The Double Duty of Exclusive Pumping:

🧑🏽‍🍼Time and Effort: Exclusively pumping requires significant time and dedication. You're not just feeding one baby directly; you're also spending extra hours feeding your pump. Not to mention all the set up and clean up that involves

🎛️Logistics:Managing the logistics of pumping and feeding your baby involves intricate planning and organization—keeping track of pumping schedules, milk storage, sterilization, and bottle preparation

🎢Physical and Emotional Demands: Exclusive pumping can be physically and emotionally demanding. It requires resilience and perseverance to maintain a steady milk supply while

Remember, You Are Incredible:

- Your dedication is extraordinary. Unlesss they’ve done it before, people don’t understand that exclusive pumping (or triple feeding) is like having twins. It’s not **just pumping**, it’s feeding two babies, one is just electronic

- It's okay to feel overwhelmed or exhausted at times. Stay hydrated. Make sure you have plenty of snacks. Naming your pump can help some feel more connected to the process. Find support to make sure you have a quality pump and the right size flanges as well as help with pump schedules to make sure you reach your goals

- Celebrate your achievements. Every ounce of milk pumped is a testament to your determination to reach your feeding goals

This message is a reminder of the incredible dedication and love that goes into exclusive pumping. It's important to acknowledge the challenges while also celebrating the immense strength and resilience of parents who undertake this journey