Friendly breastfeeding reminders

👉🏼Pumping is NEVER an indication of supply

👉🏼Chances are you will need a pump flange size that didn’t come with your pump (We don’t all wear a 36C, why would pump companies expect us all to have the same nipple size?)

👉🏼You can NEVER empty the breast. It constantly makes milk. It takes at least 40 days of no stimulation for the breast to stop making milk

👉🏼Nipple damage is not normal. It is always a sign of something: Shallow latch. Tongue tie. Wrong size flange.

👉🏼Breasts/chest are NOT supposed to stay engorged

👉🏼That full feeling between feedings goes away around 6-8 weeks

👉🏼Babies become efficient feeders, so a 3 month old may get a full feeding in 5 minutes even if they fed for 30 as a newborn

👉🏼Some times they’ll want one side. Sometimes they’ll want both. Sometimes they want both sides multiple times 🤷🏽‍♀️

👉🏼This is eating. We may want a snack, a buffet, a meal, a treat, dessert or a thirst quencher. Same goes at the breast

👉🏼Some leak, some don’t. Leaking is not an indication of supply. Leaking may slow or stop at any point and is NOT an indication that you’re losing supply

👉🏼Not everyone feels their let down. Many stop feeling their let down with time.

👉🏼The longer you go between feedings the higher the water content of your milk. The shorter you go between feeding the smaller the volume but the higher the fat concentration

👉🏼Every baby feeds differently

👉🏼Your body is amazing!!!!

👉🏼Trust your body. Trust your baby



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