Immune boosting power of breast milk

🍀Doctors have long known that infants who are breast-fed get fewer infections because babies gain extra protection from antibodies and live immune cells found in human milk.
🍀Research shows every tsp of breastmilk has 3,000,000 germ killing cells in it. Even one teaspoon a day is giving baby some immune protection!
🍀Once ingested, live molecules and cells in the milk help to prevent microorganisms from penetrating the baby’s body tissues.
🍀Some of the immune molecules bind to viruses/bacteria/germs in the digestive tract, preventing them from getting into the rest of the body.
🍀Certain immune cells in human milk attack viruses and bacteria directly. Another set produces chemicals that stimulate baby’s own immune response.
🍀The most impressive amount of immune cells are found in colostrum.
🍀Several studies suggest human milk may induce an infant’s immune system to mature more quickly than with formula
🍀Some of the immune factors in breastmilk increase in concentration as baby gets older and nurses less, so older babies continue to benefit from breast milk
🍀Remember, freezing kills some of the live immune factors of breastmilk even though the nutrition (vitamins, protein, fat) is maintained. Offer fresh breast milk whenever possible.
🍀Research is showing that if you’ve had COVID or the COVID vaccine, your milk will pass antibodies to your baby to protect them from getting it!