Oxytocin Dosin’


You are not just a meal.

As you breastfeed, baby’s heart rate slows, their bonding hormones spike, their breathing matches your breathing. Your body regulates their temperature like a thermostat. This whole process facilitates the baby brain to glide into a deep, restorative calm while feelings of relaxation and warmth wash over the parent. Harmonious synchronicity is achieved. Two become one.

Most of us are aware that oxytocin is released in the mother during the let down of her milk. But it is actually released in the baby’s brain as well, supporting safety, emotional stability, bonding and the feeling of satiety. Once breastfeeding is established, baby's brain will release oxytocin whenever he or she sees or smells you, or hears your voice, and so they will continue to feel its pleasant effects. Oxytocin lowers blood pressure and stress reactivity in mothers. In baby, oxytocin increases resilience to stress and drives the formation of more oxytocin receptors in the amygdala which helps lower the risk for childhood anxiety. ⁠The simultaneous oxytocin release, over and over and over again, literally wires the both brains to underpin long term attachment.

You are not just a meal.⁠


The Science of Oxytocin: 💕 Did you know that oxytocin, often called the ‘love hormone,’ is actively produced in your body during breastfeeding? Let’s break it down:

Brain’s Signal: The process starts in the hypothalamus, where certain neurons release a precursor to oxytocin.
Storage Mode: This precursor then travels to the posterior pituitary gland, where it patiently waits to be called into action.
Triggered by Stimuli: The magic happens when your baby’s touch or the act of breastfeeding stimulates the release of oxytocin into your bloodstream.
Muscle Coordination: Oxytocin then gets to work, coordinating smooth muscle contractions. In the uterus, it aids in labor and recovery, while in the mammary glands, it ensures the efficient flow of milk.
Emotional Harmony: Beyond the physical, oxytocin also contributes to the emotional bond with your baby and provides a sense of calm and stress relief.
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