Pump flange fit

Finding the right size pump flange is essential. I’ve found there are 3 F’s to Flange Fitting:

FIT:  🗝Flange fit isn’t based on your breast or areola size, it is JUST the size of the nipple and how it changes with suction

🗝Proper fit isn’t as simple as measuring your nipple, but it’s a start.

🗝A small amount of space around your nipple in the flange tunnel is good. There should be no space around the areola or in the larger bell part of the flange 

🗝The nipple tip shouldn’t hit the back of the flange. This means you have an elastic nipple

FEEL: 🗝Pain or blanching (changing colors to white or red) means it’s the wrong size

🗝Nipples rubbing against the sides of the flange tunnel mean fit needs to be improved and there is a risk of pain and damage

FUNCTION: 🗝It should actually move your milk efficiently. If you feel like there’s still milk left after pumping, you’re getting recurrent plugs or seeing a drop in supply, it’s not functioning well for you and changing the size should help

🗝Every nipple is unique and each side may use a different size (or shape/brand!). There are all kinds of flange sizes, inserts, and cushions to improve the pump experience