Pump tips for breastfeeding

⚖️Pumping is never an accurate measure you your supply
⏰ Pumping is time consuming. It still involves set up and clean up
📏Pump flanges that are sent with the pump are not one size fits all. They are not even one size fits most. The majority of people who pump will need to buy a smaller flange
The soft parts (membranes, tubes, duckbills) wear out with time and need replaced occasionally. The more you pump, the more often these will need to be replaced
🍼If your baby is being fed, you need to feed something: feed the baby or feed the pump. If you want to make the milk your baby needs, you need to be pumping as often or even more often to maintain your supply
🌛Pumping overnight can be crucial for maintaining supply
☄️Test for high lipase early into your pumping journey
🌪Pumping on the highest vacuum is never a good idea. If you have to crank the suction up, either you have the wrong size flange or a bad pump
🤱🏾Pumping while also breastfeeding is never a true indication of milk supply
💣Not all pumps are good pumps. Some are really crappy and it’s the pump that will sabotage your supply, not your body
🚰Some can breastfeed fine and never trigger let downs well to a pump
😵‍💫Pumping shouldn’t be painful
🤲🏼Alternate the stimulation/massage and expression modes often while pumping to trigger more let downs
👐🏾Massaging and shaking your breasts before and using hands on compressions while pumping can help you empty more milk