Pumping is not an indication of milk supply

Hey you!!! Yes, you, the one pumping milk at 2am. Just a reminder pumping volumes are not a true indicator of your milk supply and don’t determine your work as a parent. There are many factors that go in to how much you can pump. Pump quality, the flanges you’re using, how you’re setting up the pump session, how long it was since your last session, time of day, medications, and where you’re at on your period all play a role in how much milk you will see in the bottles. 

Pumps were designed after babies and not the other way around. And they’re not usually as efficient as an efficiently feeding baby. A baby with no tongue or lip tie and a strong suck can remove more milk and trigger more milk to be made better than commercially purchased pumps. 

I expect you to be able to pump 1/4-1oz combined from both breasts when pumping after directly breastfeeding and 2-4oz every 2-3 hours when pumping in place of breastfeeding. Your worth is not measured in ounces. Nor is it measured by what that other lady on social media can pump. You’ve got this. Trust your baby and trust your body. 

If you’re struggling with pumping or how to understand the process better, consider taking my Pumped class. Or a personal flange fitting both in person and virtual.