why is my baby so gassy?

Babies are gassy, fussy creatures. Did you know the majority of babies pass gas 13-21 times a day? Did you know most adults fart 5-15 times per day? Come on, admit it. You’ve passed a few SBDs in your day. Our digestive tracts are sensitive and impacted by what and how we eat. Before you reach for the baby gas drops and probiotics or trying major elimination diets, though, try these things first:
⭐️ TUMMY TIME. This puts baby on their belly which helps stimulate healthy movement through the digestive tract.
⭐️ BABY WEARING. Having baby in an upright position with legs in a froggy position also helps with stimulation of good digestive movement
⭐️ SMALL FEEDS. Smaller, more frequent meals can be easier for some babies to digest than larger, less frequent meals
⭐️ DEEP LATCH. Make sure to get a deep latch every time. Shallow latches where you can hear clicking or breaking of the suction during swallowing increases air in the gut. If you see a dimple in baby’s cheek that’s an indication of a shallow latch
⭐️ TONGUE TIE REVISION. When a baby can’t move their tongue correctly or fully they swallow more air. Tongue ties are one of the major culprits of gas, reflux and colic. Having the tongue released in many cases reduces babies reflux and gas
⭐️ BURP BABY. Some times just being patient to burp the baby well can eliminate wind. After all, farts can just be butt burps
⭐️ MASSAGE. Giving baby a nice belly massage can also help soothe and relieve gas.
How many times a day does your baby fart?
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