Let’s talk about co-sleeping and bed sharing. The recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Safe to Sleep program for a safe sleep environment include:
💡Baby on his/her back
💡Use a firm sleep surface
💡Room-sharing without bed-sharing
💡Avoid soft bedding
💡Avoid overheating.
Additional recommendations from the AAP to reduce SIDS include:
💡Avoid exposure to smoke, alcohol, marijuana, and illicit drugs
💡Breastfeed your baby
💡Use a pacifier

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine had a protocol for safe sleep and co-sleeping/bedsharing which is highly protective of SIDS called “breastsleeping”; baby feeds at the breast during the night. When mom and a full term, healthy baby share a firm mattress (not a couch or water bed) with no blankets or pillows that could possibly cover baby’s head or face and mom’s body forms a “C” shape around baby’s body, this position is safe and protective of baby and allows for optimal breastfeeding over night.

This allows baby to sleep on their back next to mom when not directly breastfeeding. This is for healthy babies. Babies should be unswaddled to avoid overheating and moms with long hair should be tied up. Older siblings or children should not sleep with babies under a year. Any smoking, nicotine or marijuana, is a high risk factor for SIDS.
Ever single aspect needs to be followed or it negates safe sleep.
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