Sudden Breast Milk Supply Drop


Occasionally I’ll hear of moms who had a well established milk supply and all of a sudden their supply drops. What can cause a late onset decreased milk supply?

🤰🏽Pregnancy. Milk supply drops during pregnancy because of hormone shifts to protect and grow the fetus. Domperidone or other milk making herbs/medications and more pumping or feeding will not work to increase supply

💊Hormonal birth control (pill including progestin only pill, IUD, etc)

🤱🏽Breastfeeding on only one side at a feeding or “block feeding” to correct an oversupply if done too long or with a small storage capacity

💊Some medications can decrease the milk supply (antihistamines, decongestants). Certain herbs in excess or as essential oils can, too (too much peppermint or sage)

🛌 Sleep training. Babies are supposed to wake often at night for the first 3 months and continue to frequently wake through 6 months and occasionally wake there after to feed. Night nursing keeps milk hormones high for making supply and sleep training prior to 3 months can sabotage milk supply

😷Blocked ducts/mastitis as well as any illness with a fever may decrease the milk supply

🍼Giving bottles can very much decrease the milk supply if you’re not pumping to replace those feeds. When at all possible, pump whenever baby is getting a bottle, regardless of if it is formula or breast milk being given

🎡”Overdoing it”. Anything that interrupts feeding baby on demand, including too many visitors, too many errands, or making baby wait to feed by the clock

🚿An “abundant milk supply” associated with a less than “ideal” latch. The milk flows into baby’s mouth with little participation of baby. Baby may often choke while breastfeeding, especially during a strong let down. A tongue tie is a common cause of a baby having a less than “ideal” latch and can be a significant cause of late onset decreased milk supply even there were no feeding problems early on. Baby was riding an over abundant supply instead of stimulating milk supply
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