My baby’s head tilts/turns to one side

Some times babies come out with a preference to turn their head to one side. This may simply be from how they were positioned in utero. Babies who sat really low in the pelvis or who have short moms with no space in the belly tend to be much more cramped and you can often see how they were positioned inside when they’re on the outside. A head turn preference or tilt can also be caused from birth trauma, like from a forceps/vacuum delivery or a really long pushing stage where baby was in the birth canal at a certain angle for a long time.

A mild head turn preference usually works itself out with lots of tummy time and the natural stretching that occurs outside the womb with position changes. It’s why rotating breasts is important to get baby moving in all directions. When baby is sleeping on their back, be sure to rotate which direction their head is laying to naturally help stretch out those neck muscles.

If you notice a consistent head tilt or turn that doesn’t go away in a few weeks or if it’s impacting feeding, there are multiple professionals that have additional training to help: specialized occupational and physical therapists, pediatric chiropractors, osteopaths and craniosacral therapists can work with your baby to help bring symmetry back to the body and release tension in baby’s muscles. If left unaddressed, it can potentially contribute to colic, increase flat spots on the head, or lead to torticolis.