What do my baby’s cries mean?

In the early weeks after delivery, babies rely on instinct and reflex. They are in tune to what their body needs and respond in the only way they knew know how, through crying or cueing. Babies are also born with an underdeveloped biological clock and circadian rhythm that takes months to mature. Being on your body and at the breast actually helps regulate and develop those systems.

Breast milk digests very quickly compared to formula (in about 90 minutes) and exclusively breast-fed newborns will feed 10 to 12+ times in 24 hours as that milk digests quickly. Most babies want to take 2-4oz per feeding For most parents, their body makes this exact amount, which is a perfect match to their babies. It’s unrealistic for most to either make or want to eat 5-6oz feedings. Obviously there are ALWAYS exceptions to this. It’s just not the majority. Your body naturally has higher milk making hormones at night, so supply is at its highest between 2-6am, helping babies take shorter feedings to help them transition back to sleep sooner. Did you know that night milk also has hormones in it to help set up baby’s circadian rhythm?